Steve Arlinghaus

Welcome to the Housing Authority of Covington (HAC) and thank you for visiting our website!  In doing so we hope you will learn more about our mission, our affordable housing opportunities, and the support services we offer for Better Futures! Affordable housing is an ever growing need across the country.  Demand for affordable housing continues to increase while federal funding for many housing programs, such as public housing, continues to decrease.  It goes without saying that maintaining residential communities and services under these circumstances can be very challenging. One area of affordable housing that is experiencing increased federal funding, however, is the HUD/Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program, formerly known as Section 8.  In both the City of Covington and Kenton County, vouchers are administered by the City of Covington’s Neighborhood Services Division / Housing Choice Voucher Department.   For more information, please visit: or call 859-292-2188.

The Housing Authority of Covington has experienced many changed in the past two years, and change will continue to be at the forefront of our efforts as we look to the future.

  • Closure of City Heights

We have spent the better part of the past two (2) years assisting residents of the City Heights community in relocating to other housing. Since the announced closing of City Heights in 2021, our primary focus has been to ensure all eligible residents are successfully relocated to comparable or better housing. Our Relocation Specialist, Diana Strauss, as well as our relocation support staff and non-profit partners, have assisted each family, one at a time, with their relocation needs.

When the last resident is relocated by early spring 2024, HAC will place City Heights and its 76 + acres up for sale. It will be the end of an era in Covington public housing. Many families were served over the course of 50+ years by the development.

Proceeds from the sale of City Heights will be used to upgrade Latonia Terrace and Golden Tower, our two largest residential communities. Additionally, some proceeds will be used to physically move and relocate existing staff to our new Maintenance building, located at 1650 Russell Street, Covington, which was acquired in December 2023.

  • New Maintenance Building

1650 Russell Street is an 11,000 square foot building which formerly housed the Center for Great Neighborhoods. With the sale of City Heights, 1650 Russell will be used for office space, vehicles, and equipment for our Maintenance and Renovations teams. Construction is expected to begin in mid-May 2024 and may take up to 3 months to complete. Our goal is to move into our new Maintenance building by August 2024.

  • Upgrades to Latonia Terrace and Golden Tower

Latonia Terrace, with 235 units, was built in the late 1930’s. Golden Tower, with 155 units, was built in 1972. Future renovations at these sites will primarily focus on upgrades to the kitchens and bathrooms, as well as any necessary work to the infrastructure, grounds and/or community spaces.

  • City of Covington’s Transfer of the HCV Program to HAC

In December 2023, the City of Covington and the HAC agreed to transfer the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program (Section 8) to HAC, effective July 1, 2024. What might this transfer mean to the community? All City of Covington HCV program staff will become employees of the HAC. The HAC will be responsible for program oversite and the continued success of the program. Applicants, tenants, and landlords should not expect any major differences initially and we will be sure to communicate with all stakeholders as the transfer process progresses.

  • FSS Program Consolidation

The NAC has offered the HUD/ Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) program to its public housing tenants since 2011. Many have graduated from the FSS program over the years and have not only benefited from an array of support services but have benefited significantly from the FSS escrow savings plan. Effective January 2024, the HAC will not only continue to manage its own FSS program for public housing tenants but will begin to manage the FSS program for HCV participants under the leadership of Jon Adkins, Director/Resident Services. Jon has managed HAC’s FSS program since 2019. By consolidating the two FSS programs, participants of both programs will be able to leverage all the quality support services offered by HAC to ensure their FSS program success. Jon and his team will work to increase the number of participants in both programs as well as improve program efficiencies.