What To Bring When Applying For An Apartment

  • Driver’s license for all adults
  • Social Security card for all adults and children
  • Recent paystubs
  • Proof of benefits (cash & food stamps)
  • Names, addresses, and telephone numbers for your last three previous landlords
  • Other important information needed

Things To Remember When Moving In To Your Apartment

  • Park only on streets
  • Do not park in grass, on curbs, or on sidewalks
  • Call Cincinnati Bell for telephone service (513) 565-6090.
  • Contact Spectrum to order cable television.
  • Do not install a satellite dish without first obtaining written permission from your Property Manager. Specific rules apply as to the installation of these devices. Failure to obtain advanced permission from the Property Manager will result in a fee when Housing Authorities remove the dish.
  • Obtain a parking permit from your Property Manager by registering your vehicle with the Housing Authority
  • The cleanliness of your yard is important! Review our curb appeal rules when throwing away large items.

How To Report A Change In Income Or Household Composition

When a resident experiences a change in income or in members of their household, these changes must be reported in writing to the staff of the Occupancy Department. Because of the large number of residents we serve, it is necessary for us to make an appointment for those wishing to report such changes. To do so, please call the main office at (859) 491-5311.

When reporting a change in income you will need to bring in a recent paystub, benefit check stub, or benefit decision letter. Any changes will be verified directly with the company or agency providing you with the income.

When reporting someone has left your household, you will need to provide proof that they have left (such as a lease with another landlord).

When attempting to add someone to your household, please remember that they are not to move in until they have been approved by the Occupancy Department. Adults are subject to the same rigorous admissions criteria as any other applicant. Failure to seek written permission in advance before moving someone may result in an eviction of you, the person you wish to be added, and all other members of the household.

You can view our interim reporting change form here. Feel free to fill it in before your appointment. Make sure provide us with all requested information. Failure to sufficiently fill in the form may delay your rent adjustment . . . a costly mistake!

Things An Employee Looks For When Inspecting Your Apartment

  • Any maintenance deficiencies that are in violation of HUD’s Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS)
  • Evidence of tenant abuse such as holes in walls or doors, damaged floor tiles, damaged window treatments, broken appliances, and missing or damaged smoke detectors
  • Evidence of poor housekeeping habits such as offensive odors, clutter, piles of clothes, excessive dirt build up, dirty floors, crayon-marked walls, spills in refrigerators, presence of grease on stovetop and in oven, cobwebs on ceilings and walls, and blocked hallways.

Tips For Keeping Your Apartment Clean

  • You should clean something every day!
  • Do not allow food to sit overnight as this causes infestation problems
  • Tightly close all garbage bags and close all garbage can lids every night
  • Keep little hands away from window treatments
  • Clean up spills immediately
  • Train children to clean their rooms before going to school
  • Toilets should be cleaned at least weekly
  • Windows should be cleaned at least weekly
  • When cleaning windows, wipe down all sills and window frames
  • Dirty stoves cause fires! Wipe up all grease and food spills immediately.
  • Sweep hardwood and tile surfaces every other day unless more frequent sweeping is needed
  • Mop all hardwood and tile surfaces at least weekly
  • Crayon marks on walls and other surfaces can usually be removed with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser products
  • Use a feather duster weekly on all window treatments
  • Use a broom with a damp rag wrapped around the bristles to reach ceilings and cobwebs. This is also a handy trick when cleaning under beds, couches, and other hard to reach areas.
  • Organization is key to keeping a clean apartment. A visit to a local
  • Dollar General store or Thrift Store helps you stay organized for little expense
  • If you are a senior citizen who needs help cleaning, contact our Resident Services Department at (859) 292-3263. Help is sometimes available.
  • Manage your television cords so that they are not hard to clean around. Large twisties and rubber bands are good for this purpose.
  • Do not run extension cords, cable cords, phone cords, or satellite television cords across the floor or around steps. These are not only trip hazards, they are also unsightly and contribute to housekeeping problems.

Things To Do When Vacating Your Apartment

  • Notify your Property Manager with 30 days written notice of your intent to move. A form is available in the management office for this purpose. You will be required to provide us with the date you intend to turn in your keys.
  • Failure to notify us of your intent to move will result in additional charges. You will be billed for rent through the end of the required 30 day notice period
  • Clean your apartment thoroughly. You will be charged for all cleaning service provided by Housing Authority staff
  • Do not leave any furniture or other items in your apartment
  • Do not park moving vans or other vehicles on sidewalks, curbs, or grass.
  • Lock all doors and windows when you leave
  • Turn all keys in to your Property Manager on time
  • Leave a forwarding address so any security deposit refund can be sent to you