Section 8 / Housing Choice Voucher

About our Department

The Housing Choice Voucher division helps economically vulnerable populations – including the elderly, disabled, and households with very low income – afford decent, safe, and sanitary housing.

It does that by using funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Housing Choice Voucher Program, formerly known as “Section 8,” to pay part of individual participant’s monthly rent. It also administers the Project-Based Assistance Program, which offers rental subsidies for one-, two- and three-bedroom units at certain sites.

How Vouchers Work:

The process:
  • Participants apply for the program and are typically put on a waiting list. When their name moves to the top of the list and they receive a voucher, they are responsible for finding suitable housing where the owner agrees to rent under the program. Housing typically are apartments but can also be single-family homes, duplexes, triplexes, mobile homes, condominiums, townhouses, and cottages.
  • HAC inspects the property for health and safety concerns and then signs a lease with the landlord to qualify the property for the program.
  • HAC verifies income and does a criminal background check of potential tenants.
  • Tenants sign a lease with the landlord for at least one year. After that, the lease is month to month.
  • Tenants pay the security deposit.
  • Qualified families pay 30 percent of their gross income for rent and utilities. The program pays the remainder directly to the landlord under a specific contract. Note that the subsidy is tied to the family, not the residence.
  • Rent limits  HAC must approve the rent amount, and landlords cannot separately charge tenants additional rent.
  • Utility Allowances
  • FAQs 
  • Video: This VIDEO explains program rules and regulations. It is required viewing during the orientation process, and you will be sent to this link by your service representative when the time comes.


  • Available units (Note: This list is provided as a courtesy. There is no guarantee these units are still available. You should check,, local apartment guides, newspaper legal ads, and other resources.
  • Income limits 
  • Online application We are not accepting new applications at this time. If you have already applied and would like to check your status on the waiting list use the link below.
  • Fraud warning 
  • Complaint forms  If you have a concern about the condition of the unit and your landlord has not been responsive, fill out this form.
  • Notice to move  Turn in this form to the voucher office if you are moving.
  • Mutual termination This form should be filled out if you are a current participant under lease who is moving and either have not completed the initial one-year term or you’re moving with less than a 30-day notice. The property owner must also sign this form, giving approval to the action.
  • Tenants’ Rights and Responsibilities 
    • Pay rent on time.
    • Keep the unit clean.
    • Maintain exterior of residence and yard.
    • Avoid illegal activities by household members and guest.
    • Allow inspectors access to the unit to conduct inspections.
    • Permit landlord and designated repairmen access to the unit for repairs.
    • Avoid damage to property by household members and guests.
    • Refrain from disturbing others (respecting the right to peaceful enjoyment by their neighbors).
    • Allow only those occupants on the lease to reside in the unit.
    • Comply with terms and conditions of the dwelling lease and tenancy addendum.


  • Landlord access site: HAC has created a website from which landlords can view or print direct deposit statements for Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) on a 24/7 basis.* All users will need to register in order to set up a user name and password in the new system.  REGISTER HERE     LANDLORD ACCESS PORTAL
  • Licenses needed by a participating property owner in the Housing Authority of Covington:
  • W-9 form 
  • Inspection list (HUD standards). HAC does a basic inspection of rental property on the front end to make sure it meets Housing Quality Standards, but the inspection primarily addresses common-sense safety and code issues. If deficiencies are found, landlords are given the opportunity to fix them or withdraw that property from the program.
  • Direct deposit form
  • Change of address form
  • Change of management form
  • Change of ownership form
  • Rights and responsibilities: Landlords have the same rights and responsibilities in the Housing Choice Voucher program as they have with any open-market renter, including:
    • Maintain your property in good condition.
    • Complete all necessary repairs within a reasonable amount of time (typically 30 days) upon request by the Housing Authority of Covington voucher program or tenant.
    • Set reasonable rules about the use of unit and common areas.
    • Do not enter a unit without tenant’s permission and/or proper notice, except for emergencies or tenant’s requested repairs.
    • Collect appropriate security deposit as directed under the program and use it only in accordance with local and state law.
    • Comply with fair housing and equal housing opportunity requirements.
    • Enforce tenant obligations under your dwelling lease.
    • Take action through the court system in order to evict tenants if/when they violate the lease (no self-help evictions tactics).

Project-Based Assistance Program

  • The Project-Based Assistance Program offers rental subsidies for one-, two- and three-bedroom units in these three housing developments: Academy Flats, Eastside Revitalization, and Dell Street Properties. 

    • To apply: Applications are accepted in person at 2300 Madison Ave., Covington. All adults who will be living in the Section 8 household must be present, and you must bring this information:
      • Valid, current picture IDs for all adult household members
      • State-issued birth certificates for all household members
      • Social Security cards or Social Security print-outs for all household members
      • Current verification of your income dated within the last 60 days (such as Social Security award letter, check stubs, TANF paperwork, etc.)
      • Verification of residency, such as one of these:
        • Signed Lease for current unit.
        • Utility bill from last 60 days (gas and electric, cable, telephone, etc.)
        • Pay stub from last 60 days, if your address is listed on it
        • If homeless, a letter from a shelter confirming that
        • Two other pieces of “official” mail dated in last 60 days (such as Food Stamp/Medical Card paperwork, credit card bill, bank statement, etc.)
    • Questions? Call (859) 292-2188.

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