Family Support Services

The Housing Authority of Covington’s Resident Services Department offers a variety of support services for eligible families residing in Covington public housing. Experienced staff and case manager’s work with each family to identify needs, develop strategies, and offer follow-up services to ensure success. 

Adult Education (GED)

HAC refers interested adults to Gateway Community and Technical College’s Urban Center, 525 Scott Blvd., Covington, KY 41011, for academic assessment and adult education classes.

Vocational Certificates / Job training

HAC works with more than five local organizations to offer industry- specific job training programs, including:

Additional industry specific training is offered by several local public and private colleges.

Life Skills Programs

Our experience has shown that before a person can be stable at work, they have to feel stable in their home life. HAC offers a comprehensive life skills programs designed to strengthen individuals and families from the inside-out.

Job Search Assistance

HAC can link residents with many job search assistance programs. Some of the job search assistance services offered include resume development, interviewing skills, job coaching, and disability supports. We also collaborate with local agencies who supply monthly job listings.

For more information on any HAC Family Support Services, please contact
Jenn Rugg at 859-655-7320 or email at

Seed (Skill enhancement, Employee development)

This Kentucky Housing award winning program was first launched in 2006 and was created to provide a customized, holistic approach for at-risk families by:

Case management / support for:

Specifically, the SEED program provides resources for:

To date, more than 70% of SEED program graduates have gone on to either continue their educations and/or found employment. In addition, more than 20 community partners have collaborated on the SEED program since inception.

Parenthood Programs

Strong families begin with strong parenting skills. As a result, HAC offers many parenting support programs, both on-site and off-site, that are affiliated with several local and national partnering organizations. These programs include:

Health Support Services

Healthy Communities thrive… The Housing Authority of Covington offers health services and mental health information/training at Latonia Terrace and Golden Tower. Take part in improving your health through prevention, education and eating well.

Money Management Programs

HAC also supports families through on and off-site programs and referrals to local agencies that specialize in helping families achieve financial stability. Some of the financial support programs and services offered include:

For more information on the programs HAC offers, please contact the Director of Resident Services at: